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Okra soup  from  Republic of Togo in West Africa. It is well-known as Fetrima in the southern part of Togo

Normally we will need 4lbs of okra, smoked fish crabs, shrimp, goat meat or beef. Some people use chicken, fried  or dried fish. You can add Goma (spinach) Other ingredients are: Onions, Ginger, red pepper, black pepper, couple cube 

Fairly cheap

Okra soup (Fetrima)
Preparation time
Cooking time
Waiting time 15m


For 8 Person(s)


  • 5 lbs Okra or Gombo
  • 1 2 grams for the okra
  • 4 lbs Smoked goat meat
  • 2 lbs fresh large shrimps
  • 2 lbs fresh crabs (female)
  • 2 lbs smoked fish (your preference)
  • 8 oz red palm oil (cooking)


  • 2 tea spoon of salt (sea salt)
  • 1 lb fresh onion
  • 1 lb fresh red pepper
  • 1 lb ginger root to grind
  • 1 whole garlic
  • 1/2 lb of flavor green pepper

Okra soup (Fetrima) Directions

  1. Get some fresh okra 4 pounds
  2. Smoked turkey to replace the smoke fish
  4. Clean them and cut them in small pieces before chopping them.
  5. You can use a kitchen blender to chop them
  6. For spices, grind some piece of 2 medium size ginger,  1 big onion,  add some black pepper to the set and use the blender to grind together
  7. Marinate your beef, smoked turkey or goat meat andcook them to become tender
  8. After cooking them set them aside you will add them later to the soup
  9. Boil some water a (1 liter) and add some “akam” into it
  10. Add the chopped okra to the boiling water
  11. Let the whole boil for 10 minutes  and use the spatula to stir the mixture
  12. Add the ground spices to the  boiling mixture
  13. Stir the whole mixture for 2 minutes
  14. Let it boiled for 5 more minutes
  15. Now add thecooked goat meat or beef to the mixture
  16. If you have cleaned crabs and shrimps, you can also add them to the mixture. WE love that
  17. Some people like to use palm oil and some will go without it.
  19. After letting the whole mixture boil for 10 more minutes
  20. Add some salt to it and 1 whole chopped onion to it.
  21. Add crushed hot pepper if you can support it. We normally do that
  22. Let the soup on the fire for 5 more minutes and it will be ready to go

Recipe notes

The soup can be served with Corm fufu (Akple), Gari or Eba  or  Rice as side dishes

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